Désordre, the renowned fashion brand, was founded in 2009 by Shannon Thomas, an Australian fashion powerhouse. Initially starting as a traveling pop-up boutique, désordre quickly established its iconic home in Darlinghurst, Sydney in 2010.


Today, désordre boasts two prominent locations in Sydney. The flagship boutique in Darlinghurst, known for its exceptional styling experiences, and a second boutique with breathtaking views of the famous North Bondi Beach, which opened its doors in September 2020.


Expanding its presence beyond Sydney, désordre recently opened its Armadale boutique on Melbourne's prestigious High Street in 2021. Housed in a renowned, historic building, this spacious corner boutique offers a captivating shopping experience.


Additionally, désordre has ventured into the vibrant precinct of Brisbane's James Street, opposite the distinguished hotel, 'The Calile'. This expansion highlights désordre's commitment to being at the forefront of Australia's fastest-growing fashion destinations.


Désordre Boutiques have become a sought-after destination, attracting international visitors, Hollywood A-listers, and Australia's fashion elite. Renowned for their exceptional styling services, customers from around the globe travel to experience personalized styling sessions with Shannon and the talented team.


As a true trendsetter, désordre is known for introducing exclusive collections from both Australian and international designers. With a visionary approach and an eye for discovering untapped talent, désordre is often the first and only place to find the most exciting new brands worldwide.


At désordre, Shannon curates exclusive collections in collaboration with brands and supports emerging as well as established designers. The brand's business model focuses on made-to-order garments, promoting slow fashion and investing in high-quality pieces that are crafted to endure.


Discover the world of désordre, where fashion innovation meets timeless style.